Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data

The website may require access to personal or sensitive data about the user for its operation (e.g. data from a camera, microphone and other sensors, information about equipment, contact information, sign-in data to services related to the application, data enabling establishment of identification, verification data and a telephone list).

All data obtained from users of the application is considered personal and is protected according to the Act on Protection of Personal Data No. 101/2000 Sb. as amended. This personal data is only kept for the requirements of the creator of the application and will not be provided to any third parties.

We only require data in the scope essential for registration from registered users. The obtained personal data is secured against misuse. Registered users are required to enter true, current and correct data about their person and ensure that this data remains so. They may also cancel their registration at any time. Cancellation of registration means complete removal of all data about the user, but also loss of all advantages and stored data linked to this registration.

Some information about use of the application is automatically compiled for statistical purposes. This concerns the operating system, screen resolution etc. This information is subsequently used for keeping general quantitative statistics.

The website, if it is used, does not disclose any personal or sensitive information about the user related to his financial or payment activities or with identification numbers issued by state bodies.