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The project itself

Case study



3,000,000 page views per month, with an average visit time of approximately six minutes indicates that the goal has been met.

The story

Škoda portal for children has been the most visited portal on the topic of traffic safety in the Czech Republic for several years now. There were several projects for the general public in this area from which the most important activity is the BESIP website (which we programmed) but in general, it seemed to us that there was no portal that would completely capture the topic of traffic safety. Our ambition was to develop the most comprehensive and most visited portal for the general public on this topic in the Czech Republic. At this point, we would like to thank our partners without whom such an ambitious goal would be difficult to achieve. The project partners are ŠKODA AUTO, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.

In Safe Journeys (Bezpečné cesty), we emphasize clarity which is why we use a lot of multimedia elements, animations and videos which improve comprehending and remembering the most important information and rules. The portal has a comprehensive mix of information related to traffic safety - at our driving school you will drive online in a 3D environment directly from the driver's perspective. We have prepared an interactive map of the Czech Republic (based on Google maps) with the possibility to warn you about dangerous places in our transport system, a mobile app with the possibility of reporting obstacles and traffic jams to the system, an online calculator of residual alcohol, 3D game Express Courier and other information.


ŠKODA AUTO, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

The most visited portal on traffic safety in the Czech Republic