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Kompletní vývoj internetových projektů od počátečních analýz, návrhu grafiky, programování, optimalizace, až po spuštění a následnou podporu a rozvoj.

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Overview of projects

Overview of projects

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AR energy (mobile app, only in Czech)

Mobile applications |  Education |  Applications

This app contains models of various energy devices that you can view in so-called augmented reality wherever you want, at home, at school or in the square. The models go through the entire energy spectrum and cover most of its areas such as nuclear technologies, hydro and solar power plants.


Web |  3D modeling |  Education

Online 3D models of energy devices and units from the field of hydro, wind, solar and nuclear energy. The models are interactive and contain details of the most important parts as well as their captions. You can inspect e.g. Tokamak, Stellarator, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal or small hydro power plants.


Mobile applications |  Game

Everything children need to know for safe behavior in road traffic in the role of pedestrians. But differently. In 3D and virtual reality. They enjoy it and remember much more. The app also contains information for parents and seniors.


Mobile applications |  Game

Child safety is important. Therefore, as a part of the Bezpečné cesty.cz (Safe Roads) project, we have prepared an app in which children can try out the most important traffic situations on a bicycle according to accident statistics. But safely in virtual reality and 3D. It is free on their phones.

3D traffic situations

Mobile applications |  3D modeling |  Education |  E-learning

We create educational 3D animations of traffic situations in which drivers often make mistakes as part of the Bezpečné cesty.cz (Safe Roads) project. The app is used in driving schools with the possibility to interact and switch cameras for better understanding.



A model of a Boleslav heating plant with the most important facilities in cross-section and an explanation of the principle of operation of a heating plant with pulverized coal-fired boiler and an electric boiler.

Bezpečné cesty.cz

Web |  Education |  Applications

One of the most visited projects in the field of road safety in the Czech Republic. The project includes both an internet portal and a number of mobile, 3D projects and virtual reality apps. Simopt is the author, creator and owner of this project.

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